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Pulmochart - Scientific Respiratory Data Analysis

Pulmochart is analysis software for data measured for respiratory research. Because there are many ways to measure respiratory function, Pulmochart consists of multiple applications that specialize on various techniques.

Current version: Pulmochart 5.5

Use Pulmochart to inspect wave forms like flow and pressure, detect breaths, and to have many parameters calculated and stored into .CSV table files. Pulmochart reads various input file formats; often used are CSV, Poly5 or EDF.

Pulmochart is being developed by engineers and scientists and is regularly updated to support new scientific insights. We have been working in respiratory research for over 10 years and we are able to support your data analysis with deep insight in the various topics. Our engineers are able to make customizations or modifications if such are needed for your data sets.

Please contact us for more information, or further browse the manual. If you would like a demo, please let us know. Follow the contact form.

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