Pulmochart Reference
Index of the complete reference manual


        Getting started with Pulmochart
            License Activator
                License activation wizard
            Data Manager
                Data Manager Main Screen
                Fill out a Patient Record
                Change Password
                Import Measurements
                Import Single File
                Export Measurements
                Delete Measurements
                Patient Record Template Editor
                Patient Record
                Device or File Information Record
                Measurement Session Record
                Stream Alias - concept for naming of data files
                Variable Type Formatting
                Path name format codes
                Query and search patient records
                Inequality math
                    Greater than (>)
                    Greater than or equal to (>=)
                    Less than (<)
                    Less than or equal to (<=)
                    Equal to (=) or Not Equal to (!=)
                    Equal to similar (case insensitive) (~=), or Not Equal to similar (!~=)
                    Contains (=*=), or does not contain (!=*=)
                    Contains similar (case insensitive) (~*~), or does not contain similar (!~*~)
                    Ends with (=*) and does not end with (!=*)
                    Ends with similar (case insensitive) (~*), or does not end with similar(!~*)
                    Begins with (*=), or does not begin with (!*=)
                    Begins with similar (*~), or does not begin with similar (!*~)
                Logical algebra parser
        Basics of respiratory analysis
            Respiratory analysis methods
                Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP)
            Basics and effects of mechanical ventilation
                Mechanical ventilation
                Gas volume temperature relation
        Basics of Pulmochart implementation and algorithms
            Pulmochart default input signals
            File formats
                Import CSV file in Excel or Open Office Calc
            Signal and parameter index
            Presentation ways of monitored parameter values
            Algorithm details for parametrization purposes
                Savitzky-Golay filter
        Pulmochart Apps
            Start App
                START: breath detection
                1. Specify regions of interest (optional) in the raw file
                2. Specify the signals in your file that correspond to known signals
                3. Specify a source for pre-processing
                4. Set detection filters
                    Set Flow/Pressure detection parameters
                    Set RIP detection parameters
                    Set capnographic detection parameters
                5. Process the specified region of interest (starts at time ...)
                6. Check and correct the automatic insp and exp detection
            SPIRO/ FLOW/PRES App
                Initialization of the SPIRO APP
                    Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Review of the source file
                    Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Review spirometric signals of FLOW/PRES analysis
                    Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Design Loops
                    Initialization of the SPIRO APP: Review trendlines of calculated variables per breath
                Process the source file and calculate spirometric parameters
                    Respiratory volume parameters
                    Temporal respiratory parameters
                    Respiratory pressure parameters
                    Respiratory flow parameters
                Store results of FLOW/PRES analysis per breath
                Breath triggered results of FLOW/PRES analysis - trendlines
                Results of FLOW/PRES analysis - loops
                Filtering of the raw flow for validation purposes
                Review filtered flow results
            RIP App
                Initialization of the RIP APP
                Calibrate RIP signals by applying quantitative diagnostic calibration (QDC)
                    Qualitative diagnostic calibration (QDC)
                    Check and correct the automatic insp and exp detection in calibrated AB+RC signal
                Review signals of original source file
                Process the source file and calculate RIP based parameters
                FRC changes of (file name)
                    Functional Residual Capacity (FRC)
                Tidal volume changes of (file name)
                    Tidal Volume changes
                Phase shifts of (file name)
                    Phase shifts
                I:E relations of (file name)
                    I:E relation
            Stats App
            Gas App
            Export App
                Initialization (EXPORT)
                Source file review (1. Drag over the signals to mark the data to export)
                2. Select the channels to export
                3. Start the export